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Sbear Financial provides access to auto financing beyond industry established FICO-score basis. Our unique approach considers your full profile, income and education, not just a credit score.

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What makes Sbear Financial different from other lenders?

Easy application

Sbear financial has a very short and simple application process. No more filling out long credit applications or tedious lists of required documents.


At Sbear Financial, we don't require credit score, SSN, or a co-signer to offer an approval.

Unique approach

We also have an innovative algorithm to evaluate your credit profile which will help us determine what interest rate is best for your situation - all without having any human intervention or input from our staff members whatsoever (it's pure machine learning).

New industry vision

The auto lending industry has been resistant to change for too long. We're looking at it from a different perspective at Sbear, and we hope that our innovative solutions will help our customers!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Sbear?

At Sbear Financial, we make it easier for customers with thin or no US credit to get access to credit. Our unique vision helps our applicants to purchase vehicles efficiently while also taking into account their needs as an individual - which means a much better chance at getting approval than if applying through industry standard lenders.
Our platform is designed using data-intensive scoring technology so each customer gets personalized attention from start (and) finish of process.


Can I add a co-signer?

We do not require a co-signer to strengthen your application. When we evaluate your application, all that matters is information about yourself and nothing else!


Do you refinance?

If you currently have a loan with another lender, you can refinance it through us.


Is it necessary to purchase a vehicle directly from a dealership?

You have the flexibility to buy your vehicle from either a dealership or an individual seller.

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